Why slots are called by Pokies

Before online took off, we always referred to slots as fruit machines – or casino. However, we recently came across an article referencing all new slot sites. Such as slots bonus, in UK. This term intrigue us and so we decided to find out what closely to casino?

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According to Urban Dictionary, the top definition for slots according to slots preferred “highly visible through fashion”. Now we are attractive sure that this has nothing to do with slot machines. So we can discard that one. Fortunately the second and third suggestion at UK based tool shed lighter. Pokies are Australian slang for poker equipment or gambling slot machines.

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Looking at other articles that discuss pokies there seems to be no real consensus as to the origin of the term. Perhaps the best suggestion comes from Casino.org who suggests that the term originates from the early poker machines. These adopted new slot sites no deposit required UK the term pokies and after that all other games, including slot machines, became known as pokies.

How Slots are Addictive

Whilst looking for information about pokies we stumbled across an interesting article from The Guardian. It’s an interactive piece that demonstrates just how pokies are designed to be addictive. Non-Aussie players just need to substitute the word pokies for slots!

According to the article slots “are designed in subtle ways that give the impression that even when you don’t win, you just narrowly missed out”. These near misses encourage you to keep hitting the “spin” button and subsequently spending your money. Additionally, with occasional wins you are encouraged to spend more time at the machine.

Could understanding of online Casino based Slots

So, why should you read this kind of article? Slots can be a lot of fun, but we all know that they can also be addictive. A lot of time and effort is spent discouraging gambling under the premise that it’s bad. That approach is necessary, but very little time is actually spent educating players how the games they play actually work. We do not just new casino sites UK no deposit bonus 2019 mean the rules of game play, but the psychology behind the flashing lights.

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For example, psychology plays a big role in product placement in supermarkets. Product placement can appeal to our desires for a bargain, for a treat or just convenience. TV shows such as all new slot big bonuses for less? Other medium publication now makes people aware of the psychology at the back product assignment. Once we know these tactics then it can dispirit the enticement of buying food we do not need to purchase.

So why do we not do the same for slots and pokies? We all know about the flashing lights but we often overlook why they are really there. If by understanding that those “near misses” to a big win are simply designed to keep us playing Best online slots sites UK or that the odds are against us – then would not that perhaps depress play?

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