Some trick to play online slots without continuation

For the casinos, live and online, your continuation plays are something they want to reward because you are the type of player that gives their casino the buzz and vibe they are always looking for.

A just reward for one of these lengthy session or several sessions building up your chance of a loyalty jackpot is a nice payout. To get that payout, you need to continue playing until you have met the required level, cash amount or length of play needed to release the loyalty bonus feature or jackpot.

As mentioned above, the more you play the closer you get to a reward. Most of the time that reward is a special side feature known as the loyalty jackpot. Normally, this works on a collect the icon basis. Each time the jackpot related icon lands on one of the reels it will be recorded in an area on the slot that is clearly visible and related to the loyalty jackpot.

Free spins no deposit slot sites UKOnce the player has collected all the loyalty points needed, then the jackpot will drop in giving the player a reward for their time spent. Note that some loyalty slots will actually save your progress even after you exit.

This is obviously to keep you coming back for more to improve on your current level or point’s status. Check out the section below ‘Tea Time Slots’ where we mention multi-level slots that are also similar to loyalty slots or they can be classed as loyalty slots.

Bonus triggered by gamers

The bonus games are triggered on exactly the same principles used to payout the loyalty jackpot. As soon as the loyalty level required to release the bonus game has been reached, then the bonus game will begin. Obviously, on slots there are a flurry of bonus games out there, so the bonus round could be anything. It also depends on what type of slot you are playing; classic slots, live slots or video slots.

With the latter, there is more than one reason to continue playing. Firstly, you are building up loyalty points as you play, secondly, there is the ever looming possibility of a progressive jackpot win as well, and finally, there is the loyalty jackpot new slot sites UK no deposit required also on hand should you play the slot for long enough.

 new mobile slot sites UKNowadays, progressive jackpots are very popular because the jackpot continues to rise higher rather than being a fixed paid jackpot amount on display. Each time a player plays on the slot, a percentage of cash is donated to the progressive jackpot, until eventually new slot sites no deposit required UK the slot bursts its coffers and pays out what is more often than not, a huge cash prize.

Really merits of online casino

Generally, these slots only really exist in huge casino cities such as Las Vegas, Macau and Atlantic City. Just standing at one of the slots in the casino makes anyone look prestigious as passers-by will know the player is one of the casino’s loyal members, and so some personal status goes with the card.

Points at the live casino are earned by spending cash! All the games in the casino will have a card slot to record your play, and at the cashier’s window, they will note how much you cashed in and out for. Also, points are earned by wining and dining new casino sites UK no deposit bonus 2019 at the casino, booking a room and so on.