Discovering 80-Ball Bingo

Bingo continues to grow in popularity around the world, especially in the online market.






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Social gaming operators have all kinds of unique themes and games where players can enter their favorite game online or through mobile devices without losing the social aspect. Bingo websites have many themes and maybe this is the reason for such popularity of the game. At the moment, you probably have the theme rooms like Bejeweled Bingo, Deal of No Deal, Last Chance Saloon and so many others available from major bingo software companies like Virtue Fusion. Before you can decide what kind of theme you are interested in, if so, the players first look at the variation. There are also a lot of variations out there, but some are usually found than others.

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In Britain, the most popular form of bingo is 90-ball, while the Americans usually participatein 75-ball bingo games. The online bingo market has yet another form of bingo introduced with 80-ball bingo games. 80-ball bingo meets both variations in the middle with a card with a 4 × 4 grid for a total of 16 spaces and no free spaces. As the name indicates, there are eighty possible numbers.

Patterns are widely involved in 75-ball bingo; but the game is more like 90-ball bingo because there are no letters on the top of the bingo card. Each column has a different color, although it is not used during the game.

80-ball bingo card columns:

  • Column 1: 1-20
  • Column 2: 21-40
  • Column 3: 41-60
  • Column 4: 61-80

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So how do you win an 80-ball bingo game? There are patterns involved, plus horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, including the common quadrilaterals, four squares and overalls or full house games. Overall 80-ball bingo is a fast game with overalls that take quite a long time. It's not so often that you find this variant online. Some online bingo sites that offer this game include William Hill Bingo, Tombola, Mecca Bingo, Crown Bingo, Bingo Legacy and many others, although none of these American players currently accept….

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